Specific Active Immunotherapy (SAIT) is a unique treatment modality that harnesses the power of the body’s own immune system to target rogue proteins that are involved with the development and progression of chronic human diseases. It stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies against potentially pathogenic forms of these proteins, helping the body to eliminate them. Via this mechanism, we aim to inhibit disease progression and improve the lives of patients.

A protein or combinations of proteins central to the development and progression of a chronic disease are firstly identified. We then identify the amino acid sequences in these proteins that are functionally relevant for disease progression and are recognized by the immune system – these are termed epitopes.

AFFITOME technology

The next stage of our programs utilizes our AFFITOME technology. Using this technology, we develop amino acid sequences that mimic the epitopes of these proteins, which are modified by mutating the original amino acid sequence. These amino acid sequences, termed AFFITOPEs®, are coupled to a carrier and are formulated with an adjuvant to further enhance the immune response. The AFFITOPE® formulation, the basis of SAIT, is administered to patients via a subcutaneous injection, which stimulates the generation of antibodies against pathogenic forms of the proteins.

Potential benefits from AFFITOME technology and SAIT

twice-yearly dosing

One injection required per dose

Physician administration enhances adherence

Target-specific antibody response

Long-lasting immune response

Well tolerated

Generates intellectual property even in highly competitive environments

Fast candidate selection